We have been involved in the production of various fruits and mangoes since 2012. Our garden has about one lakh mango trees including Bari Mango-3, Bari Mango-4, Bari Mango-11, Bari Mango-12, Bari Mango-13, Bari Mango-14, Banana Mango and Baro Masi Sweet Katiman Mango. There are also different species of fruit trees including Malta, Dragon, Sharifa, Orange, Persimmon, Rambutan, Guava. We have achieved the ability to produce mangoes almost throughout the year. About 350 workers work in our garden every day. Out of which 40 percent are women.

With the help of exportable mango production project, this year we have been able to export mangoes from the garden to Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and other countries for the first time. Apart from this, last year we exported about 22 metric tons of guava from our garden. And we are very happy to be able to export it.