Farmiagro is a pioneering agricultural company located in Nachol, Chapainawabganj district, Bangladesh. We are at the forefront of transforming the landscape of Varendra’s cultivation by empowering the youth to take charge and cultivate high-value crops.

As commercial agriculture continues to expand, Farmiagro has emerged as a shining example of innovation and success. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and modern farming practices, we are revolutionizing the traditional image of farming.

Through our dedicated efforts, we have demonstrated that agriculture can be profitable, efficient, and beneficial for both farmers and consumers. At Farmiagro, we prioritize the cultivation of high-value crops that meet market demands while ensuring maximum returns for farmers. Through our expertise and support, we encourage young farmers to embrace modern techniques and technologies that enhance productivity and profitability. Our mission extends beyond just cultivating crops; we strive to create a lasting impact on the community. By promoting entrepreneurship and providing training opportunities, we empower individuals to become self-sufficient agricultural entrepreneurs.